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Farewell Symposium for Albert Theuwissen

I was delighted to be invited to Chair this expert symposium in Delft on February 9th, a kind of retirement party for my good friend Albert, who was hanging up his Professor’s boots after over 20 years teaching at TU Delft, a leading European technical university with specialism in imaging and semiconductor technology research.

An Interview with Andrey Filimonov, Harman International

With a unique focus on mental modalities, Andrey Filimonov, Director of Research at Harman International, gives us an insight into the current landscape and future challenges of developing Driver Monitoring Systems, ahead of his presentation at InCabin USA this May.

An Interview with Divya Garikapati, IEEE, SAE and Women in Autonomy

In this interview, we catch up with Divya Garikapati, Systems and Safety Engineering Expert, IEEE, SAE and Women in Autonomy. We’re excited for Divya to join us on at panel at AutoSens USA in May, diving deep into ‘Future-Proofing Functional Safety Strategies for Emerging Technologies and Compliance Demands’. In this article, Divya gives us essential considerations for a robust approach to safety, sharing insights into challenges with compliance and the future of software innovations.

Adventure through the Agenda: The Role of AI and Ethics in the Vehicle Cabin

The increasingly complex demands of AI-powered monitoring systems in the cabin, and how we can be focusing on technical development and responsible use is a hot topic for discussion at InCabin this May. In this article, we bring together the key discussion points of current challenges, industry collaboration, and examples of the latest tech, to set the scene for discussions in Detroit.

Adventure through the Agenda: Thermal Imaging for ADAS

Thermal imaging technology is fast becoming a hot topic in the world of automated vehicles and ADAS. After a fascinating Q&A panel with Bendix De Meulemeester of Umicore, Sebastien Tinnes of Lynred, and Chuck Gershman of OWL at AutoSens Brussels 2023, we asked Bendix to share some thoughts on where thermal is headed as we look forward to AutoSens Detroit 2024. Plus viewpoints from experts at OWL AI, TRIOPTICS, ADASKY, and Teledyne FLIR.